Higher levels of construction benefit from lower costs

At the moment, there’s the unmistakable sign that more construction work is taking place in the UK than ever before. The demand for new housing and business premises, as well as restorations and refurbishments for existing buildings, is at an all time high. However, although there has been an increase in activity, it seems there has not been a rise in the costs of construction materials. This could be down to an increasing emphasis on efficiency and beneficial use of technology. Our tube bending services have been at the forefront of construction and manufacturing for years, and we are happy to contribute towards keeping the costs of construction low.

In years gone by, metal tubes and pipes had to be moulded and cast in the exact shape they were required to be for their purpose. This was because the technology available at the time did not allow for manipulation that retained the tube’s structural strength. Advances have meant that this is no longer the case. We have developed unique skills and technologies which allow us to manipulate precast tubes of any form of metal. We can bend, reduce, expand or ring roll tubes to meet the requirements of any construction project, helping you avoid the high cost of having shaped tubes commissioned for your purpose.

Generally people associate tube bending services with pipes in water and bathroom systems. Whilst that’s certainly part of the work we do, tube manipulation is not limited to this. Bent tubes are increasingly being used in roofing construction, particularly in light roofing, where nothing is intended to be placed on top of the finished roof and generally people will not need to access or stand on it. Examples of light roofing include the roofs on public transport stop shelters, bike sheds, smoking shelters and retractable roofing systems at sporting stadiums.

We have a long-standing commitment to delivering world class tube reduction, expansion, bending and manipulation services in a way that contributes to keeping the costs of a project in check. Whether you require one or one thousand tubes to be bent or manipulated, our expert team of engineers are capable of handling your requirements.