How many types of stainless steel tubes are there?

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in the manipulation of tubing. As a result, we don’t settle for poor results. This is the case with all of our services, with tube ring rolling being a great example. Consequently, it is easy for us to produce tubes that meet your specs.

Tube ring rollingThere are many materials out there that are suitable for tubing products. Stainless steel is one of the most popular. This is because it is a versatile substance that includes a small amount of chromium. It contributes to the metal’s corrosion resistance, earning stainless steel its name.

The steel also does not influence the other metals it encounters. It is oxidation resistant and low maintenance too. Therefore, you can use it for all sorts of applications. Tubing manufacturing is just one of them. When you look at the end use here, you can divide stainless steel tubes into a number of brackets.

Tubing for general corrosion resistance

This is the first category we will discuss. These steels are suitable for applications that need corrosion resistance over other characteristics. Martensitic or ferritic steel can have annealing or heat treatment to improve their properties. Austenitic steels provide even greater resistance.

Steel pressure tubing

You create these tubes using either a chromium and nickel mixture or solid chromium. Variants here include electric fusion welded tube, and welded and seamless tubing. There are also welded and seamless austenitic and ferritic steel tubes. If you require our tube ring rolling service, please let us know.

Sanitary tubing

There are applications where the steel tubes must come in contact with sensitive items like food. Here, sanitation is of vital importance. We use sanitary tubing since it is easy to clean and it does not tarnish. Its corrosion resistance is also high. For certain applications, you can achieve differing tolerances.

Steel aircraft tubing

People use nickel and chromium type stainless steel in very specific aircraft applications. This is due to their corrosion and heat resistance. With aircraft tubing, you can weld it or work-harden it. Just note that you should not use work-hardened tubes with certain types of corrosive materials.

Tube ring rolling is a valuable service

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we consider ring rolling to be one of our most valuable services. We use this manipulation process to bend tube into circular designs. Thanks to it, our team can create versatile utensils for all kinds of industries.

So, if you would like to see what our tube ring rolling can do for you, you are welcome to contact us. We are always happy to advise potential clients.