Hydraulic tubing is essential to industrial operations

Hydraulic systems are important to all kinds of industrial procedures. They depend heavily on the reliability and efficiency of their tubes. Among the available materials for hydraulic tubing, steel manages to stand out. We want to explore the plethora of benefits it offers. We will go over its applications, properties, and advantages. Then, if you need services like tube expansion for these products, you can rely on us.


Hydraulic steel tube is famous for its high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and robustness. Such features are essential when you expose tubing to high pressures, corrosive environments, and mechanical stress. The steel’s capacity to endure such conditions ensures reliability and longevity. This minimises maintenance costs and downtime.

Furthermore, the consistency and uniformity of the tubing make it predictable in performance. This is vital for preserving operational safety and ensuring regulatory compliance in industrial environments.

Applications of hydraulic steel tube

Tube expansionThanks to the versatility of this tubing, it works for various industries. In aerospace for instance, reliability and precision are essential. So, steel tubing needs consistent performance under extreme conditions.

For automotive manufacturing, hydraulic systems depend on steel tubes. They do so for their capacity to put up with high-pressure fluid transmission effectively. You can get tube expansion to ensure they work effectively.

In heavy machinery and construction industries, steel tubes support robust hydraulic systems. These are the ones responsible for powering heavy equipment and machinery effectively.

Why these tubes work in industrial settings

Then we have the advantages of these tubes in industrial environments specifically. The steel tube provides crucial benefits over the likes of plastic and aluminium.

Its corrosion resistance and high tensile strength make it viable for applications needing reliability and durability. Aluminium can deform under high pressures. Plastic lacks the strength to put up with mechanical stress.

Steel tubing preserves its structural integrity even with extensive use. Such durability leads to reduced replacement costs and greater operation efficiency. This contributes to the overall cost savings in industrial projects. If you find yourself needing tube expansion, come to us.

Environmental impacts and sustainability

Aside from excelling in durability and performance, the tubes are sustainable. As opposed to non-recyclable materials, steel is very recyclable. So, it is the best choice for industries looking to lower their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the longevity of this tubing plays an essential part in sustainability efforts. There is less need for regular replacements and waste is minimised.

Besides its recyclability, steel tubing production has become more energy efficient over time. Thanks to advancements in manufacturing operations, there are fewer carbon emissions. Also, there is less resource consumption. Such focus on sustainable manufacturing work further improves the environmental credentials of hydraulic steel tube.

What’s more, steel’s inherent resistance to degradation and durability means the equipment you are using needs less maintenance. This is in comparison to alternatives like plastic. The result is lower operational costs. Also, it minimises the total environmental impact of maintenance activities. Examples of these are using cleaning chemicals and disposing of old components.

Start working with us and get expert tube expansion

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we are happy to be able to supply versatile services to expand tubing and more. There are two ways to accomplish the expansion work. One is ram forming. The other involves a hydraulic operated expanding die. Both approaches have their benefits and produce spectacular results. We can suggest the best one for each application.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about tube expansion or our other services, feel free to get in touch. We can deliver the best solutions for clients in numerous industries.