Increase a tube’s potential for use with expansion

Tube manipulation and bending processes are used to create a range of tubular components for widespread use across diverse industries. As a leading manufacturer, we have put together a well structured set of services that allow us to work with an array of different customers. We have developed our techniques to the highest possible standard and we are able to meet every project demand and deadline. Our customers depend on us to deliver our tubular components within the agreed budget every time.

One of our many manipulation services is tube expansion. This process opens up a tube end to increase its usability. Expansion enables tubes to tightly attach to others without any leaks. We use two different methods to expand tubes and each one successfully produces smooth and precise results. Ram forming uses a die which serves as a mould. The die is forced into the end of the tube and then retracted with the use of pressure to reveal an expanded tube end. Ram forming does have limitations as the die is a specific size, which only allows it to produce particular diameters.

The second method uses a hydraulic operated expanding die that consists of different segments. This enables us to create a selection of different diameters. As the segments work like fingers, they can be expanded to various lengths which offers flexibility regarding size. The die can be opened up as little as possible and enables precise measurements. Tube expansion is immensely versatile and produces extremely tight fitting joints.

We use the most up to date machinery and our skilled and experienced team are proficient in every aspect of tube manipulation. We manufacture tubes for all kinds of sectors including automotive, heating, furniture and medical. Our tubular components can be produced in copper, brass, aluminium, mild and stainless steel, titanium and more. Our high calibre equipment allows us to produce tubes in a wide range of shapes and sizes and we consistently exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering the right products at the right prices.