Interesting uses for aluminium tubing

Choosing the right kind of tubing can be troublesome when doing so for the first time. Every material has its own mechanical and physical attributes. So you need to think about how these suit the application. You also need to look at the impact on things like tube swaging if you need to alter the tubes. This can all lead to confusion. It is a good idea to get professional advice before you commit.

Tube swagingNumerous industries are taking advantage of aluminium tubes. This is due to their durability, corrosion resistance, and low density. Such features make the metal useful in many applications and products. This can include chairs, outdoor tables, bed frames, cars, doors, and windows. Other places you can use them include in electrical gear, fences, HVAC systems, fuel lines, and wheelchairs.

Everyone likes to sing the praises of stainless steel. Aluminium has its benefits too though. The properties are similar, but it is more lightweight and affordable. The low weight in particular is the reason why it’s used for so many jobs. It is actually the second most in-demand metal on the planet, only behind iron.

What we are going to do is discuss some of the interesting applications you can use it for in detail. Then if you want tubing but need services like tube swaging, we can help.


Up first, we have vehicles. Aluminium tubes get a lot of use here. You can find them in trains, buses, trucks, vans, and cars. The tube is great for separate purposes. For instance, with trains, you connect the heating systems with these tubes. The entire industry uses them for wiring as well. It is the same for radiators and air conditioning.

Consumer electronics and appliances

You can find metal tubes in a surprising number of home appliances. Examples include microwaves, electric grills, and refrigerators. Also, things we use every day like computers and air conditioning systems need the tube. Aluminium tubing combines efficiency and functionality. At the same time, it looks sophisticated. This is a highly demanded feature in the industry.

Power lines

Aluminium tubes can work well when you’re building power lines and wiring power grids. Their thickness and length doesn’t matter. They enhance the conductivity and distribution of power. The tubes might be less conductive than copper, but they are lightweight and far cheaper. Their electrical resistance is still similar as well. They are especially common in high-rise structures. This is due to the wonderful price-to-quality ratio, durability, and flexibility.

Windows and door frames

In recent history, aluminium has proven itself an excellent material for these installations. They are easy to craft as the material is lightweight and simple to reform. The tubes used here are typically rectangular. They can offer wonderful support and have good thermal performance to ensure the heat stays in your house.

Use our tube swaging service

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we use our skills and expertise to excellent effect. They allow us to adapt tubing to suit all kinds of needs. As a result, we can support clients in various industries.

One of our best services is tube swaging. This process has similarities to tapering, involving reducing the tube diameter. It is also possible to perform this work in more than one way. The result is some interesting possibilities, especially with creating joints.

So, if you’d like to work with us, feel free to get in touch.