Machinery built for tube expansion

The process of tube expansion is the idea of increasing the end of a piece of tubing. This serves many purposes, including providing a leak proof fit. What’s advantageous when carrying out this process is the plethora of machinery available to help. Although you aren’t required to know, it is wise to be prepared especially if you require such services. Commonly, the machinery used ranges from semi portable, to vertical or horizontal, to tube end purposes.

Most horizontal expanding machinery can both expand the tube whilst adding a final belling. If a portable solution is required, this type of expander is most beneficial as it doesn’t need any hydraulics. The majority of semi-portable horizontal tube expanders can undergo two tubes each time; and due to the expander’s size makes it ideal for smaller workspaces.

Similarly, with vertical tube expansion can be found to also have saving space in mind. Additionally, the machinery is double sided enabling two jobs to be carried out at once; saving a lot of time on projects.

With tube expanders that are semi portable, these are made to be even more suitable for mobile situations than other types; providing many benefits for smaller circumstances. Along with this, despite the smaller size the machinery can still produce large volume of products.

At Multiform Tubes we use tube expansion methods such as ram and hydraulic operated die forming. Both methods are just as reliable as each other; they are just used for different requirements. When using a die, each segment can be flexibly operated to produce a range of sizes.

If your project requires reliable, and professionally made expanded tubes then consider choosing the services we provide. We also provide tube bending, manipulation, swaging, welded fabrication and drilling so you can choose a comprehensive solution.

If you require our expertise, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.