Overcoming the challenges of different metals

As a leading tube manipulation specialist, one of our most unique qualities is the fact that we are able to work with such a diverse range of different metals. This means we are able to offer tubes for many different applications and uses, allowing us to work with clients across numerous industries regardless of their needs. Our versatile team know the difficulties and challenges that each different type of metal presents, and over the years we have developed our skilled to the point where we can work with those challenges to achieve the best results.

Generally speaking, the toughest metals to work with are the ones that feature the tough qualities that are in demand across many industries. The most widely used would be stainless steel and titanium, known for their strength, resilience and high resistance to heat. Stainless steel is preferred in many pipe systems as it is extremely hardwearing and durable with a long service life, and so downtime for replacement and repairs is cut down considerably. For structures that people will use, such as parts of vehicles or furniture, titanium is highly desirable as the strength helps remove the possibility of damage or failure that could injure someone.

We can manipulate and bend tubes made from these materials in the way that design plans dictate, but we always do so in a way that does not diminish or take away from their integral structural strength. It is not easy to do this properly and professionally, but we are well equipped to take on the challenge and carry out tube swaging, bending, expansion and reduction successfully. Over the years we have developed, enhanced and perfected the skills needed to work with tubes made of any metal in order to produce the changes you need.