The proper way to finish steel for food-grade applications

Tubes have the potential to fulfil all sorts of unique requirements. However, many of them cannot be achieved whilst the tubing remains in its default state. This is where our company comes in, supplying customers with the likes of tube swaging and other services that seek to shape components in ways that make them suitable for use.

Finishing food-grade stainless steel tubes and assemblies for managing food and beverage exercises is a bit more complex than dealing with non-sanitary components. An understanding of the techniques, consumables, and utensils is imperative, but we also need to familiarise ourselves with sanitary guidelines. This is so that the system and its finish are flawless for this variety of application.

Designing, creating, gathering, finishing, and cleansing your gear for the sake of food-grade applications, no matter the alloy that’s used for your tubes, has a plethora of specifications that have to be met during each phase. The food-grade terminology, as well as its variations, refers to exteriors that come with a sanitary finish. This must be fitting for processing foods, and be sanitised and cleaned with ease.

A vital thing to keep in mind is that rough surfaces can allow bacterial development. As a result care must be taken with processes such as sanding, grinding, and finishing. Each of them should be done with care to minimise the risk of creating spaces where bacteria can grow. These surfaces also have to be free of divots, lines, pits, or grooves. Furthermore, they need to be able to endure corrosion brought on by the food and the chemicals utilised in the sanitisation efforts.

One final point to remember is that stainless steel isn’t a single entity. There are numerous alloys that are employed in food-based applications, meaning that other considerations might be required.

At Multiform Tubes, we are very familiar with the likes of food-grade stainless steel and use it regularly in our projects. Whenever another business comes to us seeking tube swaging services or other processes, we see to it that they’re presented with high quality, functional products and nothing less.

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