Providing fast and efficient tube manipulation services

Tube bending is a metal shaping process that serves many sectors of the manufacturing industry. The manipulation of metal is a cost-effective process that produces precise tubular products without losing any of the material, and enables the easy reshaping of tubes and pipes into a different shape or design.

We are specialists in all aspects of tube bending services, with a large and varied client base that consistently rely on our reliable tube manipulation methods. We employ a team of engineers with vast abilities and experience. They are well versed in the manipulation process and are able to produce accurate tubes with flawless finishes. Whatever tubular products you require, we can deliver at an affordable price.

We are equipped with state of the art manipulation machinery and we strive for outstanding results on every task, no matter how complex or challenging. We are the name to call on for many industries including the automotive, construction and medical sectors. We manufacture tubes in a variety of shapes, and you can select from over 200 sizes. As we are able to produce tubes in forms such as oval and square, they are ideal for a diverse range of uses. Our tubular products are strong, accurate and durable and we manufacture them in many materials including steel, copper, titanium and brass.

Included in our manipulation services is tube bending. This process is designed to reduce the size of a tube towards its end. It is usually completed with the use of rotary reducing machines or a hydraulic end former. Rotary reduction ensures no interruption to the grain structure and maintains the strength of the tube. The components can be produced at hot and cold temperatures, which increases their suitability for a wide range of applications. Rotary reduction can also be used for tube layering. This is the multiple reduction of tubes in different materials at the same time. Layering is a useful way of adding extra strength to tubular products.

We set high standards for ourselves when it comes to our tube bending services, and we aim to maintain them at all times. We undertake all tasks and we execute all projects swiftly and efficiently, so get in touch to discuss your unique needs.