Seamless steel tubes are essential to the oil and gas industry

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The oil and gas industry has remained a huge driving force behind the economy for years. However, it needs all kinds of equipment and utensils to perform its functions. One essential component is the tubing to move resources from one area to the next. Seamless steel tubes are the top choice for this industry for many reasons. We want to go over them, some of the specific types, and their applications.

Why use them?

Tube manipulationOne reason they are popular is because they are strong and durable. The tubes are made using first class steel. It gives them a high resistance to impacts as well as high tensile strength. The seamless construction means there aren’t any joints or welds that could weaken the structure.

These tubes come with a top quality surface finish too. It should be free of defects like seams, cracks, and other imperfections. The seamless manufacturing operation produces tube with a uniform and consistent finish.

Compare to other tubes, seamless steel ones are cost effective as well. The initial cost might be higher than other tubing options. But, their design as well as the strength and durability means they need less maintenance and last longer. This can lead to lower overall costs over the tubes’ lifetime. Furthermore, the manufacturing processes lower the demand for costly welding gear. If you need our tube manipulation service, please let us know.

Different types

There are multiple kinds of seamless steel tubes to use in this industry. Let’s look at them.

Carbon steel

These are among the most commonly used types of tubing. As the name implies, they are made using carbon steel, an alloy of carbon and iron. You can use the tubes for any job needing high strength as well as good durability.

Alloy steel

Next we have steel that you alloy with other elements like molybdenum and nickel. These extra elements improve durability and strength in the tubes. So, it allows you to use them for high temperature and pressure applications.

Stainless steel

Finally we have alloys that contain chromium. This provides them with an outstanding resistance to corrosion. Even if you get tube manipulation or other services, the performance will be fantastic. You can use the tube in applications that need high resistance to corrosive elements.

Uses for the tubes

Next, we will go over the uses of the tubing in the oil and gas industry. One of the main jobs is the transportation of resources. It is the primary application, requiring the use of miles of tube. For example, you need pipelines to move oil and gas from offshore rigs to onshore refineries and the processing facilities. Seamless steel tubes are the best choice here.

You can also use the tube for drilling operations too. They are utilised as drill strings that drill holes through soil and rock to reach underground gas and oil reserves.

Lastly, you can use them for the construction of offshore platforms. You need the tubing to support the platform’s weight. In addition, they offer stability in harsh settings.

We can work with various materials if you need tube manipulation

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we are capable of manipulating tubing made from all kinds of materials. This includes the likes of mild, stainless, and regular steel. We can work on aluminium, titanium, copper, and brass tube too. Therefore, you can rest assured that we can meet your needs with our work.

So, please contact us if we can be of help to you. We offer precision with tube manipulation and all of our other services.