Should we use aluminium tubes instead of copper ones for air conditioning?

If you’re looking for reliable and professional tube manipulation services, you’ve come to the right place. We are a team capable of meeting all your specifications. As a leading specialist, we can use our talents to craft the perfect utensils for you using copper, aluminium, steel, and other materials. It is possible to use these tubes for all kinds of industrial and domestic purposes. This can include air conditioning and much more.

Understanding aluminium’s superiority

Tube manipulationSystems manufacturers made use of copper for automotive heat transfer tubing for a long time. This was until they understood aluminium was a superior substance. These days, you will only find all-aluminium heat exchanger units in the industry.

HVAC and refrigeration systems aren’t identical. Yet, aluminium tubing is replacing copper for a lot of the same reasons. Allow us to explain why.

For one thing, aluminium is less costly than copper. Secondly, it is recyclable. Next, it is a lighter material in comparison. Finally, aluminium is considerably more abundant.

A crucial thing is you will get a lighter heat exchanger when you make use of aluminium for both fins and tubes. This is as opposed to using copper solutions. An all-aluminium set up also enhances the galvanic balance of the materials. It gives superior corrosion resistance.

There is also less heat transfer performance degradation in aluminium’s service life. Plus, you get greater design flexibility. Not to mention, recycling is simpler.

Thermal conductivity

Many individuals are familiar with how easily copper is able to conduct heat. It is true that aluminium’s thermal conductivity is only half as good. With a heat exchanger though, the difference with this property is completely negligible for heat transfer performance. It gets dominated by the airside interface conductivity. Thus, the distinction between aluminium and copper heat exchangers is restricted. Get in touch with our team if you find yourself needing first rate tube manipulation services.


Another point in favour of aluminium tubing is its immunity to formicary corrosion. It happens as a result of a chemical reaction that needs an organic acid, water, and oxygen. It is induced by common lubricating oils. What we have here is a sort of premature failure. This has been a long-standing concern with copper tubes for refrigeration and HVAC applications. However, it only happens with copper-based alloys. Aluminium has no issue with it.

By replacing copper with aluminium, you create a dual advantage. It is one of lower initial raw material costs and lower warranty costs. Estimates have 10% of interior heat exchangers failing prematurely because of formicary corrosion, so you can avoid it with the right material.

The scientific reasoning for using aluminium tubing instead of copper ones stands by itself. The difficult part exists in the mindset of the people and is actually making the switch. It is best to go over the technical evidence and then make the change.

We work with many tubes if you need tube manipulation

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we have experience working with many tubing materials. This includes the likes of aluminium, copper, and steel. Different tubes come in handy for various applications. With our skills, we can make sure these utensils are in a usable state even for complex ones.

So, if there is anything we can help you with in regards to tube manipulation and more, feel free to speak to us. You will get the perfect combination of technical prowess and value with us.