Signs you need to replace your metal fence

Tube bending servicesTubes are great for a wide variety of projects. In their basic form however, they can only do so much. Using our tube bending services, we can alter the shapes into something more versatile. We have done this for many years. So, we have the experience to meet all our clients’ needs.

One product you can create using metal tubing is a fence. Just like the walls of a building or the roof of a house, fences are a critical component of a property. Their purpose is to restrict access to an area whilst offering visibility of the boundary from both sides. Fences are most commonly made of wood. However, to resist wear and tear, and to be firm, they can be metal.

While metals like steel can last a long time, there will be a point where you will have to replace them. This is also true with your fence. Signs exist that tell you fences are on the way out. In this post, we’re going to go over them.


Metal fences are usually coated with a protective layer to extend their lifespan. This also increases their resistance to the elements and weathering. For instance, with galvanised iron the metal has a coating of zinc. As for black iron, you coat it with iron oxide so it can resist corrosion. Sadly though, these coatings can suffer with chipping over time. It is especially likely after heavy or repeat impacts.

Many other metals have a coat of paint. This is not only for decorative reasons; it also functions as a protective layer. But, it can start chipping due to temperature or time. In some cases it happens because of an underlying root cause like internal corrosion. Here, you’d be better off replacing the fence. Contact us if you need any tube bending services.


Rust is the main reason for the deterioration of metal fences. If you leave them be, the onset of corrosion will expose more of the metal to oxygen and water. Flakes of rust will reveal deeper parts of the components. This is why you need to apply a protective coating. You could get to the stage when corrosion has already undermined the structural integrity. If so, you should replace that segment of the fence at least.

Warping and bending

When metal fences begin to warp and bend, it typically happens slowly, over the course of a long time. This is due to a seemingly unimportant but frequent source of weight or pressure. At times, the sinking of soil thanks to ground shifts, erosion, and sinkholes can produce a space below the fence. This leads to it losing its grip and sagging.

More frequently, with places that are abundant in trees, roots are able to push up from below. These can grow outwards, making fences lean.

When warping or bending starts, you could try cutting the tree down or replacing the soil with sand or dirt. After the fence has already been bent though, it is more efficient and safer to merely replace it. You will spend more money otherwise.


Fences are a common sight lining roads or buildings with driveways. As such, there is a risk of collisions. They can be high or low speed and have varying angles of impact. In some cases they won’t be severe enough to warrant replacing the fence. However, in others there will be extensive damage and you need to consider replacement.

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