Stainless steel is a vital part of the automotive industry

Multiform Tubes is a specialist company in the West Midlands. What we are responsible for is supplying clients with a myriad of essential tubing manipulation services. This includes tube drilling. To guarantee top tier results, we make sure that every technician has extensive training and the right resources.

We use stainless steel in exhaust systems

Tube drillingAutomotive is one of the industries that frequently takes advantage of our metal tubes. Lots of manufacturers currently use stainless steel in exhaust systems. During the early 1990s, exhaust arrangements in new cars were primarily coated and regular carbon steel. In the present, you will discover that many cars come with stainless instead. This is due to the higher durability and corrosion resistance. You can find roughly 40 to 50 pounds of the steel in the exhaust system.

Another fact you will want to know about stainless steel is that people use it in the creation of restraint systems. The same goes for truck and bus frames, as well as brake and fuel components. Other stainless steel components include cylinder head gaskets, fuel tanks, intrusion beams, and engine cradles. Tube drilling may be important for many of these uses.

Research on stainless steel

In past years, researchers and metal producers have done a lot of research into stainless steel applications in automotive components. They did this to discern the possible benefits of using stainless steel. This was in lieu of aluminium and carbon steel.

Generally speaking, the steel is more expensive than carbon steel and aluminium. Therefore, it might not appear to be a cost effective substance. However, you must consider the high strength-to-weight ratio. It may enable you to substitute an aluminium alloy or thick gauge carbon steel. In their place, you can use a lighter gauge stainless. Not to mention, the better durability shall turn it into a cost efficient substance over the product’s life cycle.

Accounting for the material’s attributes

You can achieve the most cost effective use of material and biggest weight savings when you account for the steel’s attributes. This is in the initial design. The shapes of certain automotive components and how you make them should be altered. Doing so would let you take advantage of the weight reduction potential that comes with stainless steel.

How we help our clients

Our tube drilling service can prove useful when working with stainless steel. It is the same for tubes made of other materials too. Examples include brass, titanium, and copper. Something else this service can do is save you on hassle and time by offering you a precise, clear hole. Thanks to our advanced gear, we are confident we can provide you with an expert cut. Additionally, we employ clamps to ensure the tube does not bend or turn while we drill it.

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