Stainless steel should be your choice for ornamental tube items

Ornamental tubing is a crucial part of many products spanning as many industries. Tube manipulation helps with this because it can produce bespoke components for various needs.

The name may suggest that the tubes are here for looks. However, you may need them for the safety and operation of the equipment or environment too. For example, uses include grab bars in bathrooms and handrails for lifts. Others include swimming pool ladders and exercise equipment. Whether you’re at home or work, there is probably a bit of ornamental tubing not far away.

Using stainless steel

Tube manipulationGenerally, you’d use stainless steel for most of the applications. It has some great advantages, including impressive corrosion resistance. Due to the passive layer, there is no need to worry about rust in acidic and moist settings.

Simple maintenance can also be a big help in numerous cases. The same smooth finish and passive layer that keep the steel safe from corrosion make it easy to clean and maintain. Usually, the only supplies you need are a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water.

Lastly, stainless steel is long lasting and strong. Whether you’re using it for structural elements, ladder rails, or handrails, the weakest point isn’t the tube. It’s usually the mount.

Put all the traits together and add in near-endless customisation, ample supply, and affordable pricing. Do this and it will be easy to see why the tubing is so popular across various implementations and industries. If you find yourself in need of tube manipulation, give us a call.

What to choose?

Like when you select any stainless steel tubing merchandise, you must understand the many options and characteristics. This way, you will find the ideal products for your design and project. We are going to look at some of the details you should consider next.

Shapes and sizing

Both of these factors are important here. Normally, tubing comes in rectangular, square, and round shapes. Having so many options enables you to match your tubes to both the intended function and visual style of the final product. For instance, rectangle steel tube works well as a load-bearing surface for ladders. Or, you can use them as shelving or storage components. Round tubes will offer you a reliable and comfortable grip. They’ll do so for elements like handles and grab bars.


It is also important to pick the right grade of stainless steel. In most instances the tubing comes in two grades. They are 304/304L and 316/316L. As for which one you should choose, it comes down to your intended use. In a lot of scenarios, the deciding factor will be the requirement for corrosion resistance against acids and chlorides.

Let’s say you want to utilise stainless steel ornamental tubing in corrosive settings. If so, the higher resistance with 316/316L will be worth the extra cost. For more decorative work in less corrosive settings, use 304/304L. It supplies outstanding corrosion resistance for light to moderate uses at lower pricing. Tube manipulation won’t have an impact on the resistance too.


The last detail we want to discuss here is finishes. You will find that there are several finishing options available. The ideal one will depend on the application.

A common choice would be the mill finish. Using the standard one saves money. At the same time, it lets you look at finishing later yourself to match your exact needs.

Another option is the 180 grit. It is normally employed in sanitary, dairy, architectural, brushed, and coarse finishes. These are usually smoother if you compare to mill but don’t have the mirror-like, bright look of higher grits. Such finishes tend to get used when an object will see much use. This is because it offers the optimal balance of easy cleaning, corrosion resistance, and visual appeal.

Tube manipulation for many materials

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, the services we offer are suitable for all sorts of materials. We work with the likes of standard stainless and food grade steel tubes. Others include titanium, aluminium, brass, and copper. Our services are flexible, making it easy for us to meet your needs.

So, if you’d like to get tube manipulation from us, please get in touch. We can provide tubing for ornamental applications and much more.