Steel tube applications for marine construction

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Steel tubes are useful due to constructability

People use steel tubes in marine construction quite often. The reason why is basically because of constructability. The tube has an ability to be driven easily to generate deep foundations. In addition, the tubing is durable. They possess great inertia too, which counters heavy loads and high pressures. These are ones coming from multiple directions.

Aside from tube piles, you can use steel tubes to create structural components off-site. This makes them simpler to install to create sea-borne structures or form modules. Other steel tubes are common as well. They are most suited towards shipbuilding as well as use in oil fields.

Saying this, exposure to an extremely corrosive setting is an issue with using the tubes for marine purposes. That has been the case for a long time. To lower the impact corrosion has, people use marine-grade steel tubes.

The use of such tubing will of course depend on your project’s needs. It will also be determined by the details specified in your project design documents. We primarily need steel tubes to create foundations for bridges and similar marine constructs. There are other specific usages too, which we will go over here.

Bridge construction

Tube reductionSteel tubes have greater toughness and load-bearing capacity abilities. This is if you compare to many other construction utensils. Thus, they are extremely suitable for bridge construction. They come in handy when building bridges with longer spans.

In the majority of instances, we use steel tube to create foundations. It is possible for the tubes to be driven piles that act as the foundation. Alternatively, they can be a caisson or encasement that smoothes the pouring of concrete. This is especially true underwater. Being a hollow section with robust walls, you can drive tubes into layers of weak soil. This is to create the necessary integrity of foundation works.

Dock construction

Similar to bridges, you can drive steel tubes deep into the earth to offer enough support for docks. This can be as part of the foundation or to assist with concrete pouring.

Usually, you would use steel tube pilings together with an anti-corrosive coating for building docks. The reason why is that they don’t merely supply huge load-bearing capacities. They also provide resistance, which allows the dock to preserve its structural integrity. It can serve out its lifespan this way. Speak to us if you need top tier tube reduction services.

Combi-wall construction

A combi-wall is a mixture of large diameter steel tubes and piles. It mainly functions as a retaining wall. If you compare to sheet pile or secant walls, combi-walls supply you with more durability and strength. This is particularly true against heavy lateral pressure.

The steel tubes account for most of the wall’s structure. They offer resistance to overturning forces too. At the same time, the piles work as in-fill between the tube. There are specific projects where you would utilise combi-walls. They include lake filling, pier construction, and jetty construction.

Trestle construction

This mainly works as a support structure for bridge construction. It is also usually a temporary measure. Where you need to have a trestle function as a foundation, you drive steel tubes into the seabed or soil. This is to generate a robust foundation. For them to remain in place, the tubes are typically strengthened using reinforced concrete.

We offer the top tube reduction services

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we provide the finest services in the industry. We are able to perform reduction work using either hydraulic end formers or rotary reducing machines. Both have their own advantages and are worth the investment.

So, if you would like to know more about our tube reduction work, feel free to get in touch. We are happy to advise you.