Swift and cost effective tube bending

Precision machinery needs precision components. It is often the case that the diameter of a tube is not required to be the same through the entire length. In these circumstances we apply a process called tube swaging that serves to alter the diameter of the tube in question. Every tube manipulation service we provide offers fantastic flexibility, and swaging is no different. The process can increase or decrease the diameter of a tube easily. Increasing the diameter of a tube is achieved by inserting a die, which results in the tube altering to assume its shape. Decreasing the diameter of the tube involves exterior hammering to force the material to shrink, and by extension the diameter.

Tube swaging ensures swift delivery of your products and exceptionally smooth external finishes, regardless of the interior shape. The advantage of this kind of tube manipulation is zero material loss, as the process involves no cutting. Powerful and precise impact retains the integrity of the tube and increases the wall density.

We can provide a whole catalogue of tube manipulation services from bending, ring rolling and beading to expansion, end forming, reduction and drilling. Tube manipulation is needed in a wide range of industries, and we can manufacture an extensive range of products in a host of materials. We regularly serve a diverse range of sectors ranging from medical, transport and automotive to retail, heating and construction.

Our employees are highly skilled and instinctive, but to ensure delivery of stellar services we continuously develop the abilities of our workforce. Our team can design and deliver any product required, along with efficiently tackling any issue that may arise during the tube manipulation process. If you are unsure of the exact product you need, we will assist you with design and material support along with beneficial advice to find the perfect solution for you.

Our specialised services are recognised throughout the UK and we are a trusted name for our vast customer base. We welcome all telephone and email enquiries and we pledge to provide you with high quality products at cost effective prices.