How to tell when tubing needs replacing

Ours is a company that makes its profits by supplying clients with top calibre finishing services for tubes. Our services are broad, including things like tube drilling, bending, and end forming. Having spent years refining our techniques, we have reached a point where we can comfortably say that we’re able to meet any customer specification. If you require a specially made tube, we are just the people to help.

Everything has its limit, tubing included, even the ones that lie inside your house. As the decades go on, the tubes may moderately rust, corrode, and decay. Unless you take steps to replace your components, you could experience leakages and maybe even full on floods that’ll end up costing you thousands in repair bills. Below, we are going to tell you how to examine the tubing in your plumbing system and recognise when a replacement is needed.

Anyone who owns a house exceeding 60 years in age should get into the habit of inspecting exposed piping for indications of trouble. Prime spots for this are in utility rooms, the basement, and within crawlspaces. Check the tubes for flaking discoloration, pimples, dimpling, and stains. Have a plumber come in to do their own assessment if you do notice anything.

Leaks are another thing to keep a lookout for. Even minor conditions that are easily repairable could be a sign that your tubes are overdue for a replacement. After all, the original tubing is as vintage as the house itself, and has been subjected to the same water usage and supply patterns. Take a look at the water itself too and watch for yellow or brown streams; this is actually rust that’s coming out with the liquid.

At Multiform, we work with a wide variety of tubing materials, including ones that are made of brass, copper, and titanium. When a customer comes to us seeking aid, we listen to their requirements and then advise them on which of our services would be most suitable for the circumstances. Whenever we provide tube drilling, bending, end forming, or any other service, we maximise accuracy so the tubes will last as long as possible.

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