The building industry cannot do without aluminium tubes

Tube reductionManipulating tubes is a delicate process that requires a great deal of skill as well as the right methods. Our business can offer great services you can rely on. One of them is tube reduction. As the name implies, here we reduce the tube’s size towards its ends. This makes it suitable for lots of uses. Because of how useful it is, this has become a popular service to say the least.

Aluminium is one type of metal tube we have a lot of experience with. It is a great substance that offers lots of benefits to users in many industries. One area where it is very common is construction. In fact, over the years its use has continued to grow in popularity here.

How do people use it?

There are lots of applications for aluminium in construction. It is in staircases, roofing, siding, curtain walls, and HVAC systems. In fact, it is being used more in the renovation of historic building. This is all thanks to its great characteristics.

Aluminium has a lengthy life. This is mainly because it has excellent corrosion resistance. On top of that it is a strong, durable metal. In addition, you can recycle it as many times as you want without losing the basic qualities.

By using recycled aluminium, you can make some huge energy savings. Re-melting the metal demands a small amount of the energy to forge new materials. As such, instead of making waste issues worse, you can create a new generation of parts via reforming. Services like our tube reduction can help here.


Chances are that any new building project is going to include aluminium, whether it is tube, round bar or a box section. Here, it will likely have been recovered from scrap metal. There is a high recovery ratio thanks to its durability. What’s more, recycling the material is far more efficient today.

Lightweight and resistant

These are two of the best things about the metal. This leads to users using less energy in machining and transportation, as well as handling. By employing aluminium parts, contractors shall discover they don’t need such large foundations. With extruded elements, you can introduce numerous design options in the production stage. Extra energy resources are also not necessary.

Let us know if you need tube reduction

At Multiform Tubes, we can perform tube manipulation on hydraulic end formers or rotary reducing machines. There are advantages to using both methods. With the former for instance, there is no loss in integral strength. For the latter, you can increase the strength of your product while being able to use particular materials.

If you would like to know more about tube reduction or our other services, you are free to contact us. We are here to help and have many happy customers who rely on us.