There are several ways of tackling tube end reduction

Tube reductionMany industries require tubing, each for their own reasons. We exist to provide these products to them. Because every client has different requirements, we need to produce unique tubes for each one. To do this, we use techniques like tube reduction to alter the object in the right ways.

is the broad term for techniques that reduce the outside diameter of the tubing. Normally, you would do this so that the end can fit onto another piece of tube, a hose, or some kind of fixture or fitting. There are multiple different processes that can produce the end. Notable examples include segmented and ram reduction.

Ram end reduction

This style of end forming is one you create by forcing a dedicated die over the tube’s end. From there, you retract your die back off your tube. The die here has a design that will achieve the right outer diameter as well as the reduction’s length. It shall only generate the outer diameter that your die was designed for.

Segmented tube end reduction

The procedure here consists of a tool with a myriad of divided fingers. They close over the tube’s outer diameter. What they do is hydraulically reduce the size of the tube. The advantage here is that it is possible to obtain a reduction inside a range. One thing to remember is that this operation can leave a number of ribs in the tube’s outer diameter. Therefore, if a cleaner appearance is important to you, the ram option may be preferable.

Which materials shall you choose?

One of the best things about tube reduction as a whole however is that it is suitable for tubes made of an impressive array of materials. You are free to choose from brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper, aluminium, and more. Every one of the substances offers the user a unique specification of appearance. They can do the same for durability as well as strength and other important characteristics.

Talk to us about tube reduction

pipesOur company in particular has worked extremely hard to become leaders within our industry. The team strives to complete every job they receive to the highest possible standard. Such an approach guarantees that the quality will be excellent. Not to mention, we employ the best machining equipment to aid with our efforts.

At Multiform Tubes, we have clients that recognise us as a reliable service provider. We like to think of ourselves as cost efficient too. After all, we offer our help for some of the most reasonable prices around. So, if you require assistance with tube reduction, please get in contact with us. We would be happy to see what we can do for you, even if you have a very unique application in mind.