Tubing is the preferred option for modern fluid systems

We are a business that is known for supplying professional and reliable tube manipulation services. As leading specialists, we are capable of meeting all our clients’ needs. Our team works with a large variety of tubing materials. They use their experience and knowledge of how different metals behave to provide the most effective results.

The choice between piping and tubing

The demands put on modern fluid systems are far tougher than several years ago. Leaks that were once an annoyance are now different. They are ones we categorise as hazardous spills or fugitive emissions today. These can lead to a plant or line shutting down. Contemporary procedures are also pushing higher pressures, temperature, and flow demands each day.

Depending on your application, you might need to look at whether you need piping or tubing. You could need them to move vital resources like gas and oil. However, you may find that one is superior to the other.

Tubing advantages

Tube manipulationBoth options convey fluids in industrial applications. However, tube wins out here. It is easier to install and maintain, performs better overall than pipe, and costs less.

Tube bending also augments fluid-flow characteristics. It does so by producing compact systems that come with smooth directional changes. The 45 or 90º elbows in piping set ups often increase turbulence. Tube systems generate higher quality flow characteristics. This is thanks to the smooth interior surface, as well as the lower flow drag and loss.

Tubing systems are also able to support high pressures. They usually provide a greater strength to weight ratio if you compare to piping too.

Another advantage tubing has over piping is that it offers a solution to tougher regulations. It is the same for increasing stresses on fluid set ups.


Another positive fact about tubes is that their fittings aren’t designed to leak. Even when under severe conditions they are unlikely to do this. The reason why is that they either possess a seal with an elastomer to a mating component or a mechanical metal-to-metal seal. With threaded pipe connections, they need heavy equipment to cut threads. What’s more, they must employ TFE tape or pipe dope to lower leakages. Tubing provides outstanding flexibility in systems with minimal connections. The result is fewer possible leak points.


It is possible to install tubing cheaper and swifter than piping as well. With tube, you cut it to length and then deburr it. Then, you tighten the fittings to a nut. Studies show that installing a 1″ tubing set up takes roughly 12 minutes per connection. Compare this to a 1″ schedule 40 pipe. This needs around an hour to cut, prep, and then align. Please speak to our team if you require top quality tube manipulation services. It can speed up installation by ensuring tubes are ready to go.

Minimising overall installation costs

Finally, in most scenarios tubing costs less than piping. It is true that tube fittings come with a greater cost than pipe components. But, the systems save money in the long run. This is because of the simpler assembly and disassembly, as well as the shorter downtime.

With the ease of installation and maintenance and augmented sealing ability, tubing is likely the preferred option for your application.

Work with our flexible business if you need tube manipulation

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we are extremely flexible when it comes to our work. We can offer a host of services to meet various requirements. For example, we can bend tubing, drill holes, and offer different types of end forming. Furthermore, we work with a plethora of materials. Examples include brass, copper, aluminium, titanium, and stainless steel.

So, if there is something in particular you need from your tubing, we can make it happen with tube manipulation. Contact us to learn more about what we can do.