Warning signs of corroded copper plumbing systems

We are a team that excels in altering tubes so that they’re able to fulfil specific needs. To do this, we make use of tube reduction and many other techniques. You can ask us to reduce the tube in size at one end or both. The industries we can help include medical, construction, fabrication, automotive, and others.

Copper tubing has been a popular choice for commercial structures and homes since the 1960s. It is true the material has its benefits. At the same time though, it has its cons. That is particularly true if the tubes begin corroding. In this post, we want to concentrate on the warning signs telling you there is trouble with your copper plumbing.

Teal stains

Tube reductionIron becomes rusty when it oxidises. Copper turns teal, a bluish-green colour. If you see it on your bathtub or shower, it may not be mould. Instead, you could be dealing with tubing corrosion. It is possible to see it on exposed tubes as well. If you don’t know already, the Statue of Liberty is comprised of iron and copper. It was brown originally. Thanks to oxidation though, she turned teal over time.

Water stagnation

Let’s say you have left the water on in your property for a while. Or, it could be that you have a tap that doesn’t get a lot of use. It might be in a bathroom you don’t use much. Stagnant water will sit in your tubes. The water will corrode the interior of the tube more actively than it would if moving regularly. Consider shutting your water off and draining your tubes.

Low water pressure

Another of these signs is sudden low water pressure. If it happens out of the blue there could be a leak in your copper tubing. Leaks can occur because of corrosion. You should inspect the tube to make sure this is not the case. Ensure you check all parts, including ends if you have had tube reduction.

Soggy carpets or ceiling stains

These are also telling you there is a leak, again possibly thanks to corroded tubing. If possible, shut your water off. Then you can contact a plumber to look at everything.

Discoloured water

This is something else that should be on your list. You might notice discoloured water originating from the tap. It is a common sign of copper tubing corrosion. Usually, you will encounter this in the “first draw of the day”. That is the water that has been in your tubes overnight.

The taste of metal

Corroded copper tubes also generate a metallic taste. If cold first-drawn water is bitter but the taste goes away later on, it is another sign of corrosion.


Tubes that clog with ease could be a sign of corrosion too. Mineral deposits and oxidation can accumulate inside the tube. They end up becoming narrower, so it is easy for a blockage to happen.

The signs we’ve discussed here don’t automatically mean your copper tubes are failing. It’s possible other culprits could be at fault. To find out what’s going on for sure, you should get a plumber to come in and look at everything.

We work with multiple materials when we offer tube reduction

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we can use reduction in tandem with many tubing materials. Besides copper, we have experience with multiple steels, brass, aluminium, titanium, and others. Every material has its own specifications, but we can adapt to work with them.

So, if you’d like to arrange tube reduction with us, please get in touch. We can guide you and offer quotes for any services.