Why use metal tubing for warehouse racking?

Warehouses are one of the most important parts of a modern economy. They are essential for storing all kinds of goods, from raw materials to end products ready to ship. In addition, they are becoming even more vital due to the success of e-commerce. Many businesses are choosing to operate from a warehouse rather than traditional shops. Surprisingly, metal tubing is quite essential to many of these operations. It is particularly useful thanks to services like tube expansion.

Efficient storage

One of the most important things with warehouses is being able to store items efficiently. To do that they need the right systems. This includes racking, shelving, and other solutions. Creating them can be tricky because each property is unique. In addition, the operations can vary greatly.

Businesses have to look at a number of vital needs here. This includes:

  • The budget – it is crucial that the storage system is within your budget and that it can fulfil all requirements.
  • Space – you must think about how much space the system will need and what it will mean for aisles. Don’t forget to factor in whether vehicles and equipment like trolleys will be able to move freely.
  • Capacity – your system must be able to account for the volume of items you need to store.
  • Versatility – the system must be versatile enough so you can store a full array of items.
  • Managing inventory – it is also a good idea to ensure the system makes it as easy as possible for you to manage the items you are storing. You may need to look into things like identification.

Using steel tubes

Tube expansionThe great thing about warehouse storage systems is they can come in all shapes and sizes. We recommend you look at ones that utilise steel tubing. The tubes are strong and very durable. With services like our tube expansion and bending, you can also adapt them to suit any needs. This can make it easier to get bespoke racks, shelves, and more.

What you need to keep in mind here is that steel tubes have great weight bearing capacity. So, the storage solutions you choose can effectively bear heavy weights. If you are storing lots of goods or particularly bulky items, it is important that the racks or shelves will be able to do that, reducing the risk of collapsing.

The tubes are also very versatile. In most cases you will have the ability to adapt the systems with a few changes or additions. That means the racking and shelving can change along with your needs.

If that wasn’t enough, the steel tubes can be very long lasting. They can last for years, even in tough conditions. You can enhance the life cycle by choosing coatings to protect against corrosion too.

Ask us about tube expansion and more

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has the skills to take standard pieces of tubing and adapt them to make all kinds of products. This can include bespoke storage systems. We can provide an all in one solution, including bending sections, different types of end forming, drilling to speed up assembly, and more. You can come to us with an entire product spec and we will be able to help.

Our tube expansion is particularly good for warehousing products as well as shop fittings and more. It can allow tubes to slot together without needing extra fittings. The joints will be snug and there won’t be any loss of integral strength.

So, if you need help and want to work with the UK’s leading experts, contact us.