What you need to know about your tubes

We are a business that knows exactly what it’s doing. Our extensive experience means we can cater for various needs. Specialising in tube ring rolling, we can provide assistance if you require products with a particular configuration.

Despite their wide use, metal tubes are among the most overlooked items on earth. We find them both at work and at home, in vehicles and countless other settings. The number of uses for them is nearly limitless. However, chances are that the average person will know next to nothing about them. This is something we aim to change.

What should I know about tubes?

These products come in a multitude of sizes so that they are appropriate for their intended applications. The dimensions involved include wall thickness, inner diameter, and outer diameter. A manufacturer’s choice of production approach, design, and material are based on what the tube shall be used for. Tubes created to transport corrosive solutions are typically comprised of corrosion resistant substances.

To magnify the corrosion resistance and durability of metal tubing, a finishing layer is employed to cover or polish it. Depending on how it will be utilised, manufacturers can plate, paint, or galvanise the tube’s exterior or interior. Should the buyer desire a bright finish, the facet can simply be pickled or polished.

It’s also essential that the tubes are capable of matching the specifications of the industry they’re to be used in. Therefore, various examinations are conducted that look into performance and quality. When put on sale, the majority of commercial products come with a series of performance requirements.

At Multiform Tubes, we strive for nothing less than top-notch results and customer service. With tube ring rolling, we can obtain persistent curves without flattening your tubing. This is true even for the most rugged of creations.

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