There’s more than a single kind of copper

Our speciality comes in the form of working with tubes, but we don’t simply distribute them. We concentrate our efforts into altering the shape of these utensils so that they are in the correct state to perform their intended tasks. This is achieved by using expert techniques like tube drilling. Highly experienced in this and many other areas, you can rely on our team members to give you the results you desire.

Usually, copper tubes are found in the construction industry being used as refrigerant and water lines. However, there is not one single variety of this kind of tubing. The uses of it determine the classification, as well as where it will be introduced. The primary trio of copper variants are types M, L, and K.

Type K tubes come with thicker walls than their counterparts for any set diameter. Typically, they are utilised for HVAC, water distribution, oil, and fire protection applications. Since gas is capable of harming the tube’s joints, it has not been sanctioned for natural gas practices.

Type L models are employed in fire protection and interior plumbing projects. These copper tubes can be used with flare, compression, and sweat settings. In addition, it comes in soft and hard variants. Because it is appropriate for use in more applications than its fellow tubes, it’s considered the most routine.

The thing that makes type M different is its thinner walls. It’s used on vacuum networks and domestic water services. Thanks to its low price, it is one of the most popular choices of copper tubing.

At Multiform Tubes, we work with various tubing materials besides copper. They include brass, mild and stainless steels, hydraulic tubes, and titanium. Each one comes with its own qualities, which makes them fitting for all sorts of situations. We understand the properties of each material and what it takes to work with it. As a result we can offer the best tube drilling, bending, or manipulation services.

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