A look at compression, roll, and freeform bending

We provide our clients with an extensive array of tubing services. Our technicians are especially proficient with tube bending services. They are able to use their talents to present customers with the highest quality tubes. In addition, we can work with numerous materials in order to suit different applications.

If you want fully functioning, reliable tube, you need to know about the multiple forms of bending. In this post we are going to discuss some of these procedures. They are compression, roll, and freeform.

Compression bending

Tube bending servicesFor economy and speed, compression is the way to go. Technicians use this bending mode whenever the bend’s roundness is not essential. Also, it proves useful when your goals are more to do with high output in order to obtain the lowest price per tube.

As well as the speed, another benefit is that you don’t use oil within the part. Thanks to this, you don’t need to clean the part afterwards either. In numerous cases, the cleaning is as time consuming as bending it. Therefore, you can save a huge amount of time.

Thirdly, you don’t need to have a mandrel inside your tubes with compression tube bending services. For this reason, the bend is slightly out of round. But it means fewer tooling costs and a faster turnaround.

The furniture industry uses a lot of compression bent products. This process can produce tubes for generator frames and lawn mower handles too.

Roll bending

Another name for this process would be angle bending. Technicians use it whenever they need a large-radius bend. For example, they could require eight times the diameter. Thus, if you must roll a 12-inch radius or bigger on a 11/2-inch-dia tube, it is the technique to use. Roll bending is also useful for rolling angles and channels.

Freeform bending

This is one of the most unique techniques in existence. It permits users to create bends of any radius. It is possible to do that without straights between your bends too.

As well as the minimal tooling requirement, there won’t be much marking on your tubing. The reason is that the ceramic ring will be the only thing touching the part. Additionally, once again the tube remains clean since you don’t use oil.

We can help many industries with our tube bending services

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we use our services to great effect. They can help a multitude of industries. Because we work with the best machinery too, we can work efficiently and accurately.

So, if you would like our assistance with tube bending services, please let us know.