What causes tube failure in heat exchangers?

Tube ring rollingWe have years of experience offering businesses a wide variety of tubing services. Tube ring rolling is one of them. This is a manipulation procedure that lets us take straight sections of tube and bend them to create curves and rings. With it, we can manufacture versatile utensils for numerous applications. Even with the strongest of tubes, the rolling offers you constant curves, and it does not flatten your tubing.

One item that requires quality tube is the heat exchanger. These products are vital for things like boilers and cooling loops. They draw out heat effectively to prevent serious issues. Unfortunately, they also have their own potential flaws. What we want to do is concentrate on the complications you can experience with the tubes in particular. With this information, you should be in a better place to tackle them in the future.

Tube corrosion

Rust is the biggest threat to shell and tube heat exchangers that use carbon steel. The reaction between iron and oxygen produces a layer of iron oxide on the tubes. This leads to a decrease in thermal permeation, with tube deterioration eventually following. In order to overcome the problem you need to use tubes less susceptible to corrosion. Please speak to us if you need our tube ring rolling services.

Tube erosion

The erosion of tubes refers to the physical wearing of your metal because of fluids. Those that contain high enough levels of total dissolved solids are the catalyst for it. Every tube can experience erosion with enough time. However, the most vulnerable point tends to be the U bend, as well as the inlet tube’s leading edges.

Thermal fatigue

Tubes in heat exchangers are weak to cracks and tears because of an accumulation of stress. Said stresses relate to high temperature differentials or constant thermal cycling. Thermal fatigue happens whenever extreme temperature differences between the tubes and shell cause tube flexing.


If there is anything to take away from all this, it is that shell and tube heat exchangers need respect. What we mean is that they demand the right maintenance and monitoring. In addition, if the tubes currently in use are not up to the task, you should replace them with more suitable ones.

Providing the best tube ring rolling and more

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we ensure that each client has the most suitable tubing for their applications. Our abilities to adapt tube in different ways help us to do this. With our full range of services, it is easier to get your hands on unique products that will meet your requirements.

So, if there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. We can advise you about any aspect of tube ring rolling, bending, and various forms of end forming. As a result, you can build your knowledge and get the best designs.