A plumber could use all these tubes

We have grown to become one of the UK’s top specialists in tube ring rolling. Regardless of the client’s needs, we can produce top notch tubing for them. Due to the versatile nature of tubes in general, we can assist people in numerous industries. Best of all, we can do this without charging a premium price for it.

For some, taking on a plumbing project can become overwhelming. This tends to happen when you start shopping around for tubing. People realise that there are more than a few options available. Here is some info about the most popular tubes as well as what you should use them for.

Copper tubes

Tube ring rollingThis is one of the types that have many uses in plumbing. Ever since the 60s, these tubes have been the standard for the majority of residential plumbing jobs. The durability and long lifespan of the tube makes it ideal for many applications. Copper does not have difficulty tolerating heat either. Not to mention, it has excellent corrosion resistance. Copper will not deteriorate with contact with water, making it safe to use for drinking water.

In modern homes, expect to see copper tubes used for refrigerant lines for HVAC set ups and underground service lines too. They are also used for any project demanding a tight seal.

Galvanised tubes

rolled ringsThis tubing is iron or steel that has a coating of zinc to stop corrosion. It is common to see people use galvanised metal during construction. However, you can use the tubes for plumbing efforts. This unique form of tube is ideal for water lines.

The trouble with gas lines is that they can corrode the zinc and damage the tube. It is even possible for the whole system to become blocked. Therefore you should not use galvanised tube for this kind of system.

It is possible for galvanised tubing to last 100 years. This is true even in extremely corrosive conditions. People typically use the tubes for underground and outdoor applications.

Brass tubes

There are a several things that make brass good for tubes. Firstly it is resistant to damage from water and heat. Moreover, this is a soft material that permits the installer to produce a tight seal. It possesses a heavier wall than copper. At the same time though, it comes with several of the same advantages. This includes being safe for drinking water.

Despite its status as an older option, it still has relevance today. Applications include water supply lines and removal drains.

Tube ring rolling to create many products

At Multiform Tubes Ltd, our skilful team can adapt tubes made from a variety of materials. We offer a lot of services, including tube ring rolling. Using this technique, we can create rings, spirals, and more.

If you would like to use this service, please give us a call.