Do you have too many bends?

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we have all the skills you could ask for if you need to adapt tubing. Our tube bending services are very broad so we can achieve everything from gentle curves to tight spirals. We can even roll rings if you need them. Whatever you need, we will deliver quality products you can rely on.

We have had the pleasure to work with thousands of clients over the years. Each one had their own unique requirements. Some were for tubing with several different bends in each piece. This is possible but it is important to be careful because you could end up with too many bends.

What is the issue?

Tube bending servicesThe big concern with multiple bends is how much it will cause the cost to rise. The problem is that you will generally need more tooling and equipment for the additional bends. Even with our tube bending services this may be necessary. That means your outlay will continue to rise as you add more bends. The cost can go up in big jumps if you need various different bend angles and radii.

Another issue here is that more bends equals more production time. This is very important as it can cause problems for projects. If you are assembling the tubing into a product that you will then take to the market, there will be a long delay before you can start selling. If you are bending tubing to use in a construction or shop fitting project, the production time can mean it takes time to complete the work. It could also disrupt the schedule for other tradespeople.

Optimise your design

Tube bending servicesIf you want to keep costs as well as production time down, you need to ensure you have the optimum design. Start by getting rid of any unnecessary bends. What you should be aiming for is an efficient piece of tube with the minimum amount of bends to accomplish your goal.

Working with us can be a big help here. As we said, we have a lot of experience when it comes to tube bending services. That means we can give you advice about the bending process, tooling, equipment, and your design.

One thing we will always suggest is that it is better to design products with the same bend radii. This means fewer tooling and equipment changes. It is also a good idea to use standard tube sizes where possible. Again this is because you’ll need different tooling to work on non-standard tubes.

Tube bending services

If you would like to learn more about what we can do here at Multiform Tubes Ltd, please get in touch. We are happy to answer questions and give clients the very best support. So, whatever you need for your tubing, rely on us.