A review of the four different copper tubes

Copper tubes are one kind that has proven to be reliable for various applications. Examples include natural gas distribution, residential and commercial plumbing, and HVAC. The tubing has increased in popularity thanks to the durability and flexibility. With the latter and our tube bending services, you can get accurate bespoke components for various needs.

Based on thickness, there are four varieties of copper tubes. They all come with their own use case. You might not be a seasoned plumber and can’t tell the difference based on thicknesses. If so, the text on them is colour coded too. From thickest to thinnest, they include Type K, Type L, Type M, and DMW copper tubing. Details the thickness determines are durability, pressure rating, and price. We are going to discuss each one in detail below.

Type K

These copper tubes come with the thickest walls of all. As they hold the most metal, they are the most expensive and heaviest. At the same time, these characteristics make the tube durable. The asking price does turn off some homeowners. So, they are used mostly for industrial projects, city water mains, and commercial structures. You will find Type K in flexible and hard tube rolls.

Type L

Tube bending servicesThis tube, along with Type M, is more popular among homeowners. Small commercial buildings use them as well. As you might have guessed, they are cheaper and thinner than Type K. The durability is still high though. They will last a long time in optimal conditions.

Despite being lighter than K tubes, you can still use L ones underground. Furthermore, you can use them indoors for supplying water to sprinkler systems. Other jobs include carrying hot water and supplying potable water.

These tubes are simpler to work with. That is great news if you need tube bending services. You often don’t need fittings either. What’s more, they are the go-to option when you have concerns about your water system wearing tubing down. Since they can endure high pressure, they are a viable middle-ground option for residential structures.

Type M

Next we have tubes with the thinnest walls. At first, this will sound like a negative. However, it actually makes them the ideal choice for homeowners. Because it uses less copper than the other types, type M is lighter, cheaper, and simpler to install.

The thinner walls do have an impact on the durability though. Because it will be lower than other options, there are certain factors you will need to keep an eye on if you use them in plumbing. Examples are the water’s chemical composition and the water pressure. The landscape and weather conditions are also significant here. Type M tubes aren’t appropriate for underground or outdoor use.


The Drain, Waste, and Vent tubes are employed to remove waterborne waste from your premises. As opposed to water supply lines, which demand pressure for delivery, these use gravity. Such an application is ideal for copper since the walls can’t endure high-pressure. You have a higher chance of finding DWV tube in older houses. Most others will have been replaced it PVC or PEX.

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