Which aluminium alloys are the most weldable?

Tube ring rollingA softer metal that still comes with decent strength, aluminium works well for production and fabrication. It is also why it’s a premier substance for tubing. Welding is something you need to be careful with here though. Your project could demand it. If so, you need to ask yourself what the ideal aluminium for welding is. This is what we’re going to talk about below. Then if you need tube ring rolling or other services, we can help.

Like stainless steel, aluminium exists in multiple grades and alloys. Some are simple to weld, and they will save on defect and labour costs. Others call for more expertise, or cannot be welded full stop. There are four primary series of alloys that are weldable; 1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, and 6XXX. The 4XXX alloys are too, but they generally have more use as filler materials. Let’s look more closely at each alloy.


This is as close to pure aluminium as you’re going to get. The alloys have from 99% to 99.9% purity. They are simple to weld using filler 1100 and 4043. What you have are low strength aluminiums, but they are very corrosion resistant. The most common applications include chemical transportation and electrical conductivity.


These materials are alloyed using manganese. They are simple to weld, normally with 4043 and 5356 as fillers. What we have here is a medium strength alloys. Thus, they won’t do well in structural projects. Saying this, you can form and bend them with ease. Talk to us if you need first rate tube ring rolling services. The most common applications for 3XXX include air conditioners, heat exchangers, and similar jobs.


This is the top choice for weldability. The alloys in the series are alloyed with magnesium and have very high strength. But, thanks to the high quantities of magnesium, you should not weld them using 4XXX filler mediums. These aluminiums are ones you’d use in heavy duty and structural applications. Examples are buildings, bridges, shipbuilding and the like.


Finally we have a series that’s alloyed with silicon and magnesium. It is one that sees considerable use for welding fabrications. Furthermore, this series responds well to heat treatment and is high in strength. People tend to extrude them, and utilise them as structural components.

The not so weldable alloys

We also think it is a good idea to talk about those aluminium alloys that aren’t good for welding. There are two series in particular you will need to steer clear of. They can still be good for tube ring rolling though.

The first is 2XXX. The series is wrought aluminium alloys that contain copper. Other alloying elements, like manganese, titanium, and nickel often feature to add strength. Thanks to the chemical composition, the metals are vulnerable to cracking when you weld. An impressively strong type of aluminium, we use the alloys in aerospace applications.

The 7XXX series is up next and the main alloying element is zinc. They are wrought alloys and have the highest levels of strength. You use them in aerospace and heavy structural applications. However, the zinc makes them susceptible to cracking when you’re welding.

If your project demands 7XXX or 2XXX, you will need to work with a seasoned welder that knows what they are doing. If you don’t, the results can be very poor.

Best overall for welding?

As we said above, 5XXX is probably the answer. While it is a high strength series, it is still easy to weld. Components created using this material, like plates and auto parts, are durable and strong.

A close runner up would be 6XXX. This is the most common series used for welding. But it’s able to crack when you leave it in extreme heat for a prolonged period.

We produce versatile components with tube ring rolling

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we do what we can to create high quality products. We use a number of manipulation procedures here, including rolling, bending, and end forming. With them we can create rings, curving sections, and more. Thanks to our help, you’re able to generate versatile components for many industries.

So, if there is anything we can do for you with tube ring rolling and other services, please get in touch. You can speak to us about tubing for almost any use.