Accuracy in tube bending

When it comes to tube bending, very few requirements are as important as accuracy. If the tubes are not precise there will be problems with connecting them together and there will be flaws in the finished piece. Any of these issues could lead to the products being rejected and new ones needing to be manufactured. This in turn would lead to higher costs for the manufacturer and could potentially damage their reputation.

Accuracy is even more important when making tubing that will be used in systems to carry harmful substances. In these cases precision is absolutely crucial, or the system could experience leaks that will leave the inhabitants of the site at risk. Each piece of tubing used in the system will need to meet the required dimensions accurately and have the highest level of wear resistance possible. It will also need to have high dimensional stability.

At Multiform Tubes we have spent a number of years refining our tube bending services to ensure we can cater to all kinds of needs. The investments we have made are designed to ensure we can effectively satisfy quality demands, production timetables and budgets. They also allow us to meet the needs of clients in a number of sectors, including automotive, heating and the medical industry.

We have the skills to make tubing to suit all kinds of specifications and can manufacture both seamed and seamless varieties. Our machinery is very versatile and can be set up to suit all kinds of requirements, from gentle curves to tight spirals and complex shapes. We bend each length of tube with the utmost care and monitor the structural stability and wall thickness. Each finished piece is checked to confirm it satisfies our quality controls.

We are always happy to receive unique requests and apply our extensive knowledge to help clients with their designs. Whatever your needs we will strive to deliver the perfect tubing for you, ensuring every single piece is fit for purpose. Please contact us today for further information about each of our services and capabilities.