Working with the automotive industry

The automotive industry is facing staggering demand as modern vehicular technology continues to evolve. The success of the industry is dependent on efficient processes, which is exactly what we offer with our tube manipulation services. We specialise in producing the components used in the most advanced automotive construction, as well as working with many other sectors and industries.

Suppliers within the automotive sector consistently rely on the swift and economical mass production of tailor-made tubular components. As a leading name in the tube manipulation sector, we provide a vast and varied range of products to the automotive industry.

As we offer a selection of manipulation services including tube bending, beading, swaging, ring rolling, expansion and drilling, we are ably equipped to meet the needs of a diverse range of industries. We are recognised by our customers as reliable providers of quality products at excellent prices.

We pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive service and meeting each individual requirement so we have ensured our available product range offers a whole host of solutions. Our tubes can be manufactured in several materials including food grade stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, aluminium and hydraulic tube.

Working with us offers a rewarding investment, as our products enable our customers to meet the growing demands of their ever-changing industry. With precise finishes and speedy production times, we help our customers stay on schedule and meet all project deadlines.

We employ a team of highly trained and qualified technicians with the experience to carry out manipulation work to the highest possible standard. We make use of the best possible machinery and equipment available and our tubes offer the strength and durability demanded by the automotive industry.

Also included in our list of services is welded fabrication, which involves working with two structural components to construct a singular product. We can produce prototypes and production lines to suit your requirements and serve many bespoke purposes. Our services deliver cost-effective and timely solutions and we strive at all times to provide quality customer care.