Accuracy is vital when using tube expansion for heat exchangers

One of the most common uses of metal tubes is the creation of heat exchangers. You can find these products in all kinds of important systems, including steam boilers, condensers, and generators. However to create them you need precise tube expansion services. This is a service we can offer at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd.

Avoiding leaks

Tube expansionThe most important thing with tubes in heat exchangers is to ensure there are no leaks. Even a small leak can cause big problems, including releasing harmful hot liquid that could seriously injure people. It is also a waste of resources and could allow corrosion of other metal parts. On top of this, it can become very expensive to have to repair the leaks. This could require a full of partial shutdown of a facility, especially if it is a boiler or generator that provides the main power.

A number of issues can cause the tubes in heat exchanges to leak. For example it could be a problem with over rolling the tube itself. Here the only option is to replace it with a section that is the correct size.

One of the biggest sources of issues is when the tube holes have not been prepared properly. This can make it very difficult to expand the hole accurately. As a result they may not be the right size to allow a leak proof joint. They may be too small to join properly or too large and allow water to leak out. Ideally what you want is the smoothest possible tube hole.

Expert tube expansion services

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we work hard to provide the most consistent services. We can achieve this with every specific service we offer, including tube bending, reduction, swaging, and expansion. More importantly, we have the skills, experience, and tools to adapt tubing made of different metals and their alloys. As a result, we can cater for many, many needs.

If you need tube expansion for anything, from heat exchangers to pipe lines or even things like handrails, we can offer it. Clients can expect the best results from us every time. The tubes will be consistent, even if you need dozens for a single heat exchanger.

So, get in touch with us if you want to arrange tube expansion. We are one of the leading tubing specialists in the UK and offer a great service from start to finish every time, including reliable delivery.