The world of fabricating products using stainless steel

The team here at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd are specialists in tube reduction. With so many years of experience in our industry, we can alter tubing so it is suitable for applications in a myriad of sectors. This practice has similarities to tube tapering. We reduce the tube in size towards the end to suit the client’s specifications.

Stainless steel is a good material for tubing. You can work it using classic shaping and forming techniques. For example, you can hot forge, cold forge, and deep draw it. The steel possesses a huge hardening rate and a massive strength level. However, it is also incredibly ductile.

Steel types and families

Tube reductionThere are many families and types of stainless steel out there. As a result, choosing the correct grade for your project can be tricky. There are vital considerations when you design stainless steel items.

This material is famous for its corrosion resistance and strength. Therefore, it can be easy to assume that every form has these attributes. Luckily, each one will to some extent. However, the type and grade decide the level of durability, strength, and corrosion resistance. Prior to deciding to create an item using this metal, it is best to examine the properties of every grade and type.


The strength and appearance of stainless steel has led to it becoming a normal part of construction projects. You can see it in things like fixtures, siding, and railings. It also comes in internal forms like backsplashes and countertops. It is popular for these uses and others because it is low maintenance. If you require tube reduction for your stainless steel tubes, give our team a call.

Automobile production

Ever since the 1930s, this steel has played a major role in automobile production. At first, people chose it for trim, exhaust systems, and several non-structural needs. This was because of the corrosion resistance. Today it is useful for all kinds of parts.

Medical products

Stainless steel has also had a substantial influence on the medical instrument industry. This is thanks to its corrosion resistance and how easy it is to sterilise. In addition to surgical tools, hip joints and similar implants utilise the metal. Plates and pins to repair broken bones use it too. You can also find it in things like wheelchair frames and bed railings.

We will provide you with the best tube reduction

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we can use a range of techniques to provide customers with the perfect stainless steel tubes. We offer quality results for clients in all kinds of industries.

With the tube reduction technique, we tend to use hydraulic end formers or rotary reducing mechanisms. Both methods are beneficial and are worth the investment. So, if you would like to know more about the work we do, feel free to contact us.