Accurate tube expansion solutions for various materials

Tube manipulation services are quite a noted speciality of ours. In the many years we have been operating we have constantly performed to high standards, satisfying our client’s requirements. Expansion is just one of the many solutions that we offer; it is also arguably our most acclaimed.

Tube end expansion can be performed via the use of rotary machines or static dies. It is quite a common occurrence that tubing needs to have one or both ends formed into a specific shape. This is done typically in order for them to be attached to another part or as a decorative touch. The right equipment needs to be utilised to achieve the expansion without damaging the tubing.

Before coming to doing the actual expansion it is important to ensure you understand the characteristics of the material you are working with. Some materials are easier to manipulate than others. Stainless steel is a notable example of this as it becomes hard to work the most it is manipulated. This means that adaptations after the tube is formed is challenging and takes great care and precision.

Once you understand the characteristics of the material and the impact it will have on manipulation you can decide what tools you need to use. This is equally important because you want equipment that will allow you to change the diameter of the end of the tube accurately and precisely.

At Multiform Tubes we can provide a dynamic tube expansion service to satisfy all kinds of requirements. The process may seem complicated but in the right hands it can be accomplished rather easily and with excellent results. This service can be useful in a plethora of applications, including contributing towards flush joints. If you are interested in this service or any other and would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to call us.