Reducing tubing with great precision

There are many different products that utilise tubes in their design, whether it is fencing, handrails, plumbing or heating systems. In each case the tubing needs to be durable so that it doesn’t bow, bend or warp. This can be difficult when long sections are needed. A solution is to utilise smaller sections of tube joined together to increase the strength and cut the amount of weight that each section is bearing.

The problem with utilising sections of tubing attached together is the fact that it raises the number of joints. This can cause problems such as a higher potential of leaks occurring. To tackle this, the tubes need to be joined together snugly and properly sealed. The surface can be smoothed in several ways if necessary too.

In order for tubes to fit together snugly the ends may need to be reduced slightly so they can slide together. It is vital that the reduction is correct and doesn’t affect the shape of the tube. If this occurs it can result in a bad fit. The importance means the reduction requirements should be carefully calculated and the process done with care to a precise tolerance.

At Multiform Tubes we have a great deal of experience with tube reduction. We have offered the service for several years, utilising the technique during the manufacturing of various different products. We are confident we have the skills, knowledge and the capital to do a first rate job for each client, producing tubing that will fit together effectively.

We work with a wide array of different metals when we offer tube reduction services. This means we can satisfy all manner of needs, whether you are using copper or brass for a heating system, stainless steel for handrails, or lightweight aluminium. We have the skills to work with each material, taking into account their characteristics and the potential issues they can cause when worked with. We overcome these and provide high quality products.

If you have any questions about the reduction technique please feel free to ask us. We will advise you and give you plenty of information about the services we can offer.