Adapting HVAC and refrigeration pipes

High quality tubing and pipes are essential if you need to create a HVAC or refrigeration system. You need them to transport gas or fluid to provide heating and cooling. However, straight sections of tube or pipe are not enough. Instead you may find you need tubing with curves, rings, coils, or even full corners. Luckily, we can help. We offer tube bending services to adapt various products so they can meet a variety of specifications.

Making them fit the building

Tube bending servicesThe thing to keep in mind with most HVAC systems is they need to fit the specific shape and dimensions of the building. As a result there may be points where you need the tube or pipe to curve or corner to go around obstacles.

Bending is the perfect solution here because it reduces the need to cut and weld. In turn that means the installation cost and time can be lower. It also ensures there are fewer points where there could be concerns about a difference in the characteristics of the pipe. Welding filler material won’t match the properties of the tube so these could become weak spots that need further maintenance.


When you think about refrigeration you will probably imagine the appliance in your kitchen. To make them so compact, the tubing to carry the cooling gas cannot take up much space. As a result it is vital to bend it to create a loop that is compact. Expert tube bending services are vital here.

Compact cooling loops can be just as important in industrial size equipment and systems. While there is generally more space here, a loop still needs to be a manageable size to help with maintenance. If it is too large it can also be inefficient as the fluid or gas could warm up while it is moving through the pipe. Once again tube bending is really useful to create the systems.

Ask us about tube bending services

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a company with an outstanding reputation. We can adapt tubing to suit all kinds of needs, including HVAC and refrigeration. Our team is skilful and has some of the best credentials in our industry. As a result, we can offer the perfect services every time.

Clients can come to us with many different types of tubing. We have the skills to work with various alloys of steel, copper, aluminium, titanium, and more. By adapting the tooling and equipment, we can bend all these metals with the same level of skill and precision.

So, if you need professional tube bending services, contact us. You can tell us about your project and the specifications you have for the tubing. Then, we can offer advice and help you to decide on the right course of action.