The diverse options for coiled tube or pipe

The great thing about metal tubing is you can adapt it in numerous ways. The alterations can create bends, angles, and more, meaning it is possible to use the tubes for even more products. At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we are proud to help with this. In fact, we are one of the leaders in our field thanks to our consistent, high quality services. We take care of everything, including tube ring rolling and more.


Tube ring rollingOne of the most interesting things we can do with tubes is adapt them to make coils. These can be tight or loose spirals of tubing. Creating them requires a careful bending process to coil them without causing issues like thin walls. Luckily, we have the skills and experience to offer first rate products.

When most people think about a coil they will likely picture copper ones. They are quite common for projects like plumbing and distillation. The fact the metal is soft and ductile means it is relatively easy to adapt the tubes to make coils. However, it still takes care to make precise ones.

Copper is not the only type of tubing we can adapt to make coils though. In addition we can work with some much tougher metals, including stainless and galvanised steels. These can be harder to deal with because of the work hardening and need to protect the galvanisation so corrosion does not become an issue. We can also bend aluminium tubes.


The demand for tube ring rolling to create quality coils is quite consistent. This is because there are so many different uses for the end products.

One of the most common applications here is the creation of heat exchangers. These can be essential components in an array of products, including industrial cooling systems, refrigerators, and more. Coiled tube or pipe is more useful than straight sections here because it has a much bigger surface area. This can provide faster cooling.

Evaporators in air conditioning systems also tend to feature coils. They are most common in geothermal ones. It is ideal to use a coil here because it will take up far less space.

The distillation process relies on using a coiled tube or pipe to create different types of liquor. What happens here is the hot alcohol vapour from the fermenting liquid travels through the copper coil. It will cool as it does so, eventually condensing to create the alcohol.

Many businesses in the oil industry use coils. The applications here can include transporting the oil or even injecting chemicals into wells. What is surprising is it is quite common to begin with a coil and then unwind it. Some companies prefer this as it means the final tubing may have fewer flaws.

Ask us about tube ring rolling and coils

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can provide services to suit an array of needs. Clients can come to us with all kinds of straight sections of tubing and we can roll them to create rings, spirals, and coils. For example we can work with various types of copper, steel, and aluminium. Some alloys and grades can be harder to adapt, but we will try to find the best solution.

We vow to achieve the highest standards on every single project. The wealth of experience we possess means we know exactly what it takes to be successful. This includes using the right tooling and machinery, setting up correctly, and monitoring the quality throughout.

So, if you need coils for any project, come to us for tube ring rolling. You can get in touch to tell us more about your needs. We will give you an idea of the timeframe and advice about services.