Altering the interior of a tube

We offer our tube manipulation services for a wide variety of clients. From business who create furniture to businesses working in the automotive industry, one thing that all of our clients have in common is that they require tubes that are custom made for them and their products. Our clients can’t just depend completely on generic tubes: they require accurate, perfectly shaped tubes that are made to their exact specifications. We can provide this through the process of tube swaging.

This is essentially a method of manipulating a tube into a fully customised shape using rotary swaging. This method can produce shapes including hexagonal and octagonal tubes, making it an especially useful and vital technique in the creation of tubes and fittings. Rotary swaging is a cold working process where a die is inserted into the tube which is hammered rapidly. The die opens and closes rapidly and also rotates, giving a customised interior that makes it particularly useful when customised tubing, such as those used for tools and as vehicular parts, is required. One of the benefits of swaging is that it allows the exterior to remain shaped like a tube whilst only modifying the interior of the tube, lending a professional finish to a customised part.

Tube swaging needs to be done carefully, using professional equipment to ensure that the resulting pipe is of the highest quality possible. You can trust in our experienced team when it comes to performing tube manipulation and rotary swaging on the tube of your choice. We have a range of materials to choose from, including stainless steel, titanium and copper, and we can also make it into any size that you want, no matter how big or how small you need the tube to be.