Modern machinery makes tube bending easier

Tube bending machinery dramatically reduces the manufacturing time, whilst simultaneously expanding the realms of possibility in design. Bending tubes by hand is tough and very time consuming. It also limits what can be produced before the quality of the final item starts to suffer. With the use of machinery, you can bend tubing in any number of unique and unusual ways including spirals, curves and angles, all that without harming the integrity of the tube. From tube reduction to expansion to drilling, there is innovative equipment to carry out all kinds of tube manipulation. The best equipment takes a time and labour intensive service and makes it fast and efficient.

Tubing can be used for an immense number of purposes, from the legs of furnishings to pipes for carrying gas, oil and fluids. With modern machines the applications are constantly expanding because it is possible to manufacture more complex and elaborate shapes. Producers must continue to expand their skills and design competencies to ensure they can cater for the needs of consumers.

We are always happy to take on a new challenge and push the boundaries of tubing manufacturing. With our top of the range equipment we can produce tight angles and curves on almost any grade of tubing. The wall thickness of the tube will limit this but we know what it takes to successfully manipulate tubes into the desired shape. Our tube reduction, expansion and bending services are highly regarded amongst our loyal customers.

The equipment we use takes away the physical effort of manufacturing tubes, meaning we can expend our energy in better areas, most notably in offering the highest quality products and best customer service possible. We value professionalism and strive to meet the needs of our customers accurately every single time they come to us. This focus has helped us earn many large contracts and build long lasting partnerships with companies.