Aluminium tube packaging is a good choice for cosmetics

Our purpose at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is to supply specialist tubing services like tube swaging. The work we do has proven invaluable to a wide range of industries. Thanks to our aid, clients have been able to gain access to tubes that meet their specific requirements. In addition, they have been able to do so for some incredibly reasonable prices.

Aluminium tubes have been in use since the 1800s. Since then, they have had the task of carrying and storing a myriad of products. Various operators have taken to using them, including food and pharmaceuticals manufacturers. We want you to understand how useful aluminium tube packaging is. To do so, we have a little guide explaining the advantages. We will also talk about why the tubes are so popular in cosmetics.

Using aluminium

Tube swagingAs we said above, people have been using aluminium tubes for all kinds of products throughout the centuries. Due to the shift to plastic and its widespread use though, it became less popular. Recently however, aluminium tube packaging is recovering its traction. On social media specifically, online influencers are progressively promoting the tubing items.

Aluminium’s aesthetic value might have held some responsibility for its recent popularity. Yet, it is the advantages of the tube packaging that are timeless. Looks help sales. However, there are other important considerations here. Examples include cap type, colour, tube fold type, product volume, and more.


One of the leading benefits of using the metal is the infinite recycling. You are free to recycle aluminium time and again. It won’t lose its quality either. Other packaging materials on the other hand could only have a few uses or not be recyclable. Such attributes are particularly valuable to environmentally conscious consumers. These individuals often prefer products that have recyclable packaging. Come to us if you need quality tube swaging services.

Product protection

There is also a lot of product protection on offer here. Aluminium tube packaging is extremely tough and airtight. This generates an impermeable barrier to the external elements, safeguarding the product.

For really sensitive items, major protection from oxygen, moisture, and light is vital for preservation. Sensitive products include pharmaceutical or cosmetic goods. Also, specific products might contain harsh chemicals. These will need to be housed in a robust material like aluminium to prevent issues.

There is something else that is critical to product preservation; the pressure seal element of numerous aluminium tube packages. By making sure the tube does not suck air back in when your item is dispensed, the tubes stop bacteria from encountering your item.

Easy shipping

Another benefit relates to the shipping. Even though it is robust, aluminium packaging is still quite light in terms of weight. This is an excellent advantage when you need to ship items. What’s more, the tube shape aids users in guaranteeing space efficiency. More products will be able to be shipped in the same quantity of space. Tube packaging is very tough and is resistant to knocks. So, there is minimal concern over harm in transit.


One other advantage is customising. Usually, aluminium tube packaging comes with a metallic, silver sheen. Yet, there are several customisation options with colour and finish. Therefore, you can design your tubes to match your branding. This is crucial for developing recognition and the loyalty of customers.

Sizing options

Aluminium tube packaging can come in a plethora of sizes to suit varying requirements. Smaller variants will likely be better for travel size products or cosmetic samples. Additionally, it is common to use smaller packaging for particularly sensitive air goods. Nail glue and eyelashes last better in more protected, smaller loads.

Work with our team if you need tube swaging services

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