Aluminium tubing is a leading choice for compressed air systems

Specialising in a diverse array of tube bending services, we are exactly the right people to visit if you need tubing altered in any way. Aside from steel tubes, we can work with various other materials too, including the likes of copper, brass, titanium, and aluminium. No matter how specific your requirements are, we will do everything we can to ensure that they are met.

In the past, engineers have designated a selection of tubing substances for use in compressed air systems, with examples including galvanised and stainless steels, copper, black iron, and even plastic. During recent years however, aluminium tubes has become the most popular choice amongst contractors, engineering firms and architects. While galvanised steel and black iron are still widely used for these applications, there are key reasons as to why aluminium is a dominant choice in today’s world.

A greater degree of time is necessary when installing compressed air systems whilst utilising steel tubes when compared against other substances. One of the reasons for this is that steel tubes have to be threaded to connect tubes and integrate the appropriate fittings. In order to thread tubes, specialist threading equipment is needed, as are trained workers to operate it. All of this drives up costs as a result.

Adapting compressed air systems made of aluminium tubes isn’t as tiresome as other materials. A principal reason why is that aluminium isn’t as heavy, so there’s less labour involved in managing the tubing while the reformations are taking place.

On top of this aluminium is a strong and durable metal, even if the walls of the tubing are thinner than those of alternative materials. The corrosion resistance of aluminium is also a big benefit, ensuring that the tubing will last longer and require less maintenance.

At Multiform Tubes, the tubing bending services that we offer are suitable for a substantial array of applications. Over the years, we have developed our tubing knowledge to a point where we are able to offer first class assistance to customers, regardless of their needs. We are confident that we can do the same for you too, so please let us know if you need any help at all.