There’s no plumbing like brass

Thanks to our long years serving the public with our specialist work, we have risen to become one of the country’s foremost tubing companies. Utilising a horde of techniques, including the likes of tube ring rolling, we make it our goal to deliver a product that meets all of the necessary criteria. Suitable for tubes comprised of copper, aluminium, brass, and titanium, our methods can fulfil a multitude of requirements.

For countless individuals, houses are undoubtedly one of, if not the, most expensive investments they will ever make. Purchasing a home takes a substantial amount of resources and it shall function as the family’s hub for ages to come. Because of this, each section has to be constructed to last.

One primary consideration in home construction is the plumbing. This system is crucial because it is what supplies water for us to drink, use for cleaning, for taking baths, and to cook with. As such, extreme care needs to be practiced whilst selecting the tubing material. PVC is a great choice, but due to its more impressive characteristics, brass can actually be a far better alternative overall.

Due to its conductive personality, brass is a supreme option for hot water plumbing. Furthermore, when encountering high temperatures, it will stay impressively ductile. This makes it resistant to fire.

Extremely durable, resilient, and long lasting, one can expect to get many years of service out of their brass products. When used as water tubes, they won’t crack or deteriorate as quickly either. Additionally, the material has a versatile nature that enables it to be altered to create a variety of sizes, shapes, and widths. Therefore, meeting the preferred specifications turns into a much simpler task.

At Multiform Tubes, our products can be used to create a series of objects, such as automotive components, railings, and shop fittings. Tube ring rolling can help in accomplishing this, but this is merely one example of what we can offer you. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our team.