Are there differences to using copper and steel gas tubes?

We are a team of specialists that has spent years assisting customers with creating the perfect tubes. To do this, we use a series of techniques that alter the tubing. One of them is tube drilling. This is a service that will give a precise, clear hole every time. As a result it is known for helping users save time and hassle.

One important application for tubing is building gas systems. Gas line installation is a critical part of every new building. It enables you to link the entire property to the mains so there is a supply for the boiler, heating system, and oven.

Gas installation can require steel tubing. However, people use copper tubes here too. Prior to selecting a particular material, it is best to know the pros and cons of both. You will be able to make the right decision this way.

The benefits of copper

Tube drillingLet’s begin by talking about copper tubing. These are usually recommended for gas line installation. The primary reason why is that copper is a malleable metal. As a result, it is easier to work and adapt tubes. The metal also has good thermal performance and strength, even when high temperatures force it to expand. The tubes can be smaller and have thinner walls than other materials.

Copper tubes in home gas systems are rather robust. The walls are normally over 1mm. As such, it is easy to efficiently connect the tubing using hard soldering. You should not try soldering a gas tube yourself though; let the experts do it.

One other method often used here is compression fitting. Assembling such tubes is not difficult and a specialist should not have any issues. Therefore, the assembly costs are going to be lower. Contact us if you require any tube drilling services.

The advantages of steel

Next, let’s talk more about steel tubes. When you use them for gas line installation they have larger diameters than copper ones. The tube walls are thicker too. Due to this fact, they are stiffer, and there is no need to attach them to a wall using extra elements.

Just like copper tubing, steel tubes for gas line installation can experience thermal expansion. Luckily once again they can have the strength and durability to withstand it. Such a feature makes them a great option for working in areas with high temperatures.

In regards to lifespan, both steel and copper tubes can last from 20 to 50 years. In some cases, the time is even longer. Some people like using PVC alternatives, but their lifespan is not as long.

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