Questioning how copper kills bacteria

We have been working in the tubing industry for a really long time. As a result, we have become one of the top teams in the whole of the UK. Due to this fact, we can produce the best tubes for you. One of the many services we offer is tube ring rolling. Here, we bend normal tubes into circular models such as rings, coils, or spirals.

A great bacteria killer

Tube ring rollingCopper is a material that is widely used for tubes because it has several advantages. The toughness and ductility are among the best physical properties. The metal also has a chemical makeup that gives it good corrosion resistance.

From an aesthetic point of view, copper is among the more appealing metals. It has a lustrous brown orange tint. This is when it is newly polished. You can retain the look even if you choose services like tube ring rolling.

In addition, copper has a critical benefit that separates it from other metals. It does a great job of killing the bacteria that touch it. People have taken note of this characteristic. Thus, they use it where microbial contamination could be an issue.

Why does it happen?

The reason why copper kills bacteria is not fully understood. In truth, certain organisms need small traces of it to survive. But when there is a higher concentration it can destroy those organisms.

Scientific research narrows down the cause to a few reasons. One explanation could be that copper can kill the bacteria due to it causing proteins and lipids to oxidise.

Another possibility is that copper can bond with molecules in organisms. When it does it takes the place of other critical nutrients like zinc.

Finally, copper that encounters bacteria can produce hydrogen peroxide too. This is a common antiseptic so it can kill the organism.

Research into the antibacterial characteristics of copper is ongoing. Depending on the bacteria strain, there have been some very different results. At the same time, the researchers have been evaluating the real world applications where we can use copper to halt the spread of bacteria. This includes healthcare and hydrocarbon handling.

Tube ring rolling services to serve any industry

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, the tubing we create is able to help a wide array of industries. This includes heating, medical, and transportation. We can also work with many materials, like copper, brass, and titanium. That makes our service one of the most versatile in the UK.

So, if tube ring rolling is something you believe you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you to decide on product designs and more.