Avoiding rippling with tube ring rolling

Multiform Tubes Engineering is the home of a vast range of services. Our specialist team has a great deal of experience in the tubing industry. Thanks to this, we can support a huge number of clients with their needs. This includes areas such as automotive, construction, fabrication, medical, and furniture. The manipulation services on offer include work like tube ring rolling, swaging, and more.

What you need to know about rippling

Tube ring rollingTube and pipe bending requires the right knowledge and skill to increase the chances of success. For instance, rippling can occur on the surface of the tube if you do not take care. This is an issue that is quite common. However, when you understand the reasons why it occurs, you can try to prevent it from happening.

Ripples are a result of excessive compressive force on the inside of a tube that has a thin wall thickness. The thicker the walls, the higher the compressive force it can handle inside the bend without resulting in wrinkling or other distortion. If you have a custom rolled tube, the material on the outside of the bend will stretch and this will result in the thinning of the wall. The material will hold out against thinning and because of this, the exterior surface of the bend will try to cave in. This results in a flaw in the profile shape that is referred to as distortion or ovality.

If the work involves precision, it is important that there is no distortion as it might be necessary splice a bend tube into a straight one. If the profiles differ when you need to put them together, it can be exceedingly difficult to fit them with one another. For instance, you might have a pressure application where you need something to go through the tube.

Avoiding the issue

Tube expansionIf you do not want a distorted tube, you first need to look at the material. You can get tubing in many kinds of sizes with different degrees of wall thickness. The thickness of the wall can have nominal variations and this is something you need to keep in mind. Certain sizes of tube and pipe will work better in minimum wall thicknesses as well as above.

In terms of cold rolling, tubes with a large diameter and thin wall will not be able to bend well. It can also be hard to bend tubes to large radii with slight curvatures. The reason for this is that the diameter to wall thickness ratio is too great. That means an unstable profile shape.

Are you looking for tube ring rolling services you can trust?

Producing tube curves and rings is vital as they play a huge role in many industrial processes. For instance, waste heat recovery, electronics, power production, environment engineering, and the manufacturing industry can all benefit. Other examples include air-conditioning, the chemical and food industries, and even space applications.

The expertise of our team and their dedication to the work means that we are able to offer various services to our customers. From tube bending to swaging, end forming to welded fabrication, you can call us up for all kinds of needs.

We can work with tubes made from materials such as brass aluminium, mild steel, copper, and more. In fact, we are even able to deal with a vast number of sizes and shapes. Whether you have an interest in our tube ring rolling services or another area of our work, feel free to get in touch with us today.