Basic principles of tube expansion to consider

Tube expansion is based on principles of engineering that involve plasticity and elasticity. You need good knowledge of both to ensure you can get the right finish. It is also important to reduce the wall of the tube by the exact percentage in order to attain a proper tube joint. At Multiform Tubes we have the knowledge, skills and experience to do this. As a result we can cater for a wide array of needs.

Determining wall reduction

Tube expansionBefore going ahead with a project, you would need to find the right dimensions. You can start by determining the size of the tube hole, along with the outside diameter. Then, subtract this outside diameter from the dimension for the hole. Now find the inside tube diameter before you start rolling by using a tube hole gauge. You should next add the tube inside diameter to the clearance between the tube hole and outside diameter, as this will provide you with the inside diameter of the tube at metal to metal contact.

Now comes the time to roll the tube to what you think is a good tube joint. Then, using a tube gauge, you should check the internal diameter. Next, take the inside diameter of the tube when metal to metal contact is achieved from rolled diameter. This will allow you to determine the tube wall reduction and expansion inside the tube. You can now turn this into a wall reduction percentage through dividing wall thickness into the amount of roll.

With the right calculations, you can predetermine the necessary tube expansion as well as the inside diameter for the product that needs rolling. The degree of wall reduction will play a huge role in the quality of the joint for the tube. Because of this, it is important to establish the required percent for the job before beginning any tube rolling.

Rolling and materials

pipesWhen you have got the rolled dimension for 4-5 tubes, you will be able to roll them and determine with ease whether you need more or less wall reduction. It is important to understand how to work this out.

However, something equally as crucial to understand is different tube material characteristics and how this relates to reducing the walls. Generally, the harder the material the less you can reduce the wall.

You cannot ignore lubrication if you want to roll a tube joint that is consistently tight; this is a key step. Tube expansion will produce a lot of friction and heat. Consequently, you need the right level of lubrication to allow you to get good life for tools and to ensure consistent expansions.

Tube expansion from a renowned provider

If you are looking for the best help out there with expanding tubing, look no further than Multiform Tubes. With our extensive industry experience, knowledge of tube materials and heat transfer, you can count on us to help you achieve great results and allow you to get your hands on the best tubes.

Get in touch with us today and a member of our team would be more than happy to talk to you about our tube expansion services. We can also discuss everything else we can do for you.