Bespoke bent tubing for handrails

Bent tubes can be seen in a huge number of settings and situations, from heating systems to security barriers and vehicles. One place where they are very common is handrails, particularly for stairwells. The tubing is a good option for these settings because it is strong and sturdy so people can grip it as they make their way up and down the stairs.

The great thing about using steel tubing for handrails is that the tubes can be bent effectively in many ways. This means the rail can be on an angle to suit the descent, while the ends can be angled so it can be attached to a vertical post. The same goes for corners with tubes able to be adapted to create smooth curves for corners or tighter angles.

When using steel tube for handrails, it is essential that the bending is done professionally so that the shape is retained and the tubes remain strong and durable. This is particularly true when working with seamed tubing and when the bends are tight. Accuracy is crucial with tube bending or the finished products may not connect effectively.

At Multiform Tubes we have invested in top of the range equipment to ensure we can bend tubing effectively. Coupled with our extensive experience, this makes us one of the leaders in our industry and means we can cater for a very wide array of requests, including creating bespoke products. We regularly create tubes to be used for handrails in both internal and external settings.

When you purchase bent tubes from us, you can expect products that deliver the perfect combination of aesthetics and function. We take great pride in our work and will never dispatch an item if it doesn’t satisfy our quality standards. Our valued clients appreciate the care and attention we pay to our tubing.

If you are designing a bespoke handrail you can come to us for advice about using steel tubes. We will help with the design and manufacture all of the products for you to the required specifications. We are very proud of our tube expansion, reduction and manipulation services and are confident we offer the best value.