The wide array of tube manipulations

When tubing is manufactured each piece typically begins life as round hollow sections. These are referred to as mother tubes and additional processes are needed to transform them into the finished product. Cutting, bending, expansion and reduction can all be utilised to adapt a tube to make it suit the specifications of the client. The shape itself can even be adapted if necessary.

The wide term for adapting tubing is tube manipulation. All of the processes fall under this name because they all require a change in the initial size, shape and finish of the product. With each process accuracy is crucial or it can leave the finished tubes unsuitable for their purpose.

At Multiform Tubes we are highly accomplished at tubing manipulation. We have a wealth of experience and work with a broad selection of materials, from mild steel to titanium and brass. Our knowledge and skills serve us well, allowing us to work effectively with each different material and manufacture quality products. Accuracy becomes even more important when you consider the range of different metals because each will have their own characteristics and need handling in a specific way.

We do all of the tube swaging, bending, drilling and other manipulation in house so we can monitor the quality closely. In order to keep all of the services under one roof we have invested a great deal in our equipment and our team. The investments have paid off, allowing us to provide first rate tubing at a good speed for a great price. There are typically few delays and we will work very hard to meet even the toughest deadlines.

It is our aim to deliver the very best products for our clients, regardless of the application they have in mind. Our tubes are already used across several industries as well as to create a multitude of bespoke products. We are passionate about taking on new challenges and will guide all clients so they successfully choose the right tubing for their needs.

If you have any questions please contact us. We are based in the Midlands but serve clients all across the UK, delivering the same high quality services every time.