Brass tubes have many wonderful properties

Tube expansion is one of those services that literally open up a slew of possibilities when it comes to tubing applications. This method consists of numerous strategies that are used to expand the tube ends so that it can fulfil the intended purpose. Using up to date and state of the art technology, we are able to work with tubes made from various materials.

Brass tubing is found in restaurants, offices and hotels throughout the world. There are plenty of good reasons as to why it is so popular. Perhaps the most notable is its incredibly attractive gold-like appearance. In addition it is quite cost effective in comparison to other materials.

This variety of tubing is manufactured via a mix of copper and zinc alloy. The first material provides the colour whereas the latter provides strength and corrosion protection. Just like with most tubes, an array of thicknesses, sizes, shapes and finishes are available. This means you can choose the right ones for your application.

In terms of the size, you can find brass in metric and standard variants. The standard length for this kind of tubing is 12 inches, with the metric length being roughly nine and a half inches. In order to make certain that it meets your specifications you can also select a unique diameter size. This is something that tube expansion can aid you with.

Typically, one can find brass tubing being utilised for all kinds of railings, including the likes of stair and foot rails. Additionally, brass tubes help fashion furniture, fixtures and a host of other architectural objects. Their versatility is aided by the fact the material is relatively easy to adapt with expansion, reduction, or bending.

At Multiform Tubes we use tube expansion on a regular basis to produce custom tubing for our clients. This process can be conducted on the majority of metals, and can normally be expanded up to 5/6mm in thickness and 150/160mm in diameter. If you require a customised tube for your own purposes, our company is the one to call.